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New Horse is a packaging enterprise group which can make development, design, manufacture, sales for all packaging material which including printing product, elastic, webbing, cans, ceramics. There is an old fable story: One day, the Buddha taught his disciples. He said there were 4 kinds of horse in the world. The 1st one is which can run thousands of miles in a day, the speed is like meteors in the sky. Most importantly, once the master raised the whip in his hand, the horse saw the whip shadow, he can understand what the master wanted, he will control the speed fast or slowly, upwards or backwards, he can know and act exactly correct, no any difference. This is the best horse which can discover the minutes detail in everything and insight into the initiative. The 2nd one is that he didn't make action once he saw the master whip shadow, once he got the whip then he will run very quickly, this horse can catch master command and make exact action, this is a good horse. The 3rd one is not a good horse, he even got the master whip like rains and didn't make action, after the master got angry and whip the horse very hardly , he just ran as the master's command. This horse feels slowly, it is a mediocre horse. The 4th one is a very terrible horse, he didn't have seeing and feeling about the master whip, when the master got very angry and clamped on both sides of the iron saddle, the horse suddenly got very painful in the bone, skin ulceration and blood, he looks like just waking up from the dream and began to run fast. This is a very foolish horse.
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